Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association’s supplementary business name PROFUR changing to FIFUR

Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association’s supplementary business name PROFUR, that is used in its communications and logo, will be changed to FIFUR in August 2019. Association’s actual business name remains the same. New supplementary business name is a part of Association’s campaign to lift the profile of Finnish fur farming.

“FIFUR tells our country of origin as FI comes from Finland’s official country code“, Managing Director Marja Tiura explains.

Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association’s Board chose this supplementary business name out of a couple of alternatives. Preconditions for a good name are that the domains are available and that it is otherwise freely available. Finnish Patent and Registration Office gave its approval to the new supplementary name in March.

“Website and Association’s e-mail addresses will change to in August. Redirection will be in place to avoid any interruptions”, says Communications Director Olli-Pekka Nissinen.

Association’s official logo will remain visually the same, only the beginning will change from PRO to FI.