Fox pelts certified in accordance with the European WelFur standard will be on offer for the first time during the international fur auction at Saga Furs in Helsinki, Finland, 19-20 December 2019. WelFur is the biggest and most comprehensive animal welfare programme ever to be implemented across an entire continent, which count 2,918 European mink and fox farms currently housing 35 million animals.
The European fur sector’s animal welfare programme WelFur has been endorsed by the European Commission as a Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation Initiative. It is the first animal welfare programme ever to be promoted in the Commission’s database of so-called ‘soft law’ initiatives. “The European Commission does not promote whitewashing, so it is a recognition of the fur industry working responsibly with animal welfare and society,” Mette Lykke Nielsen, CEO of Fur Europe says. Fur Europe is the Brussels-based umbrella organisation for the entire European fur sector.
Finland is the largest European producer of fox fur. Finnish fox production base all its operations on a Finnish quality certification system that represents responsibility, traceability and entrepreneurship. Every Finnish pelt is traceable to its farm of origin. This year, the Finnish Fur Breeders' Association ProFur completely renewed its strategy for commercial fur production.