The Future Blue Fox

Finland is the largest European producer of fox fur. Finnish fox production base all its operations on a Finnish quality certification system that represents responsibility, traceability and entrepreneurship. Every Finnish pelt is traceable to its farm of origin. This year, the Finnish Fur Breeders' Association ProFur completely renewed its strategy for commercial fur production.

As part of this strategy, ProFur has created a five-part action plan to support responsible breeding of blue foxes. In addition to the action plan, a new set of feeding norms is being prepared to prevent overfed blue foxes across the entire sector. Inspections as well as co-operation with the authorities have been significantly increased. Marketing company Saga Furs will not receive pelts over size 60 (160cm); instead, they will return them to the producer.

The Future Blue Fox: Action Plan for 2017 - 2018

1.     Implementing a system for a blue fox weight index across the fur industry

2.     During the final breeding period, blue fox feeding should be restricted by 10–15 per cent

3.     Young breeding males should be selected for breeding purposes in October

4.     Saga Furs’ categorisation data for the use of producers

5.     Intensified self-supervision and co-operation with authorities

6.     It is decided that blue fox maximum skin is size 60 (155cm).  Auction company will return the skins over size 60 to the producer at their own expense

7.     It is decided to ban all trading with over size 60 fox skins. Trading is a ground for producer to lose their certificate

Producer communications and counselling
The action plan is being reported to producers both in meetings with producers and by mail and other information channels. Producers are being urged to weigh and classify their breeding animals according to their condition.


Sector procedures 2017 - 2020

Joint venture
A set of draft measures have been initiated in co-operation with the authorities, with the aim to produce a training and counselling package for producers for developing fur farm productivity, as well as animal health and welfare.

Measures by authorities
In addition to the specific measures taken within the business sector itself and the mutual action plan with the authorities, the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira has stipulated that the Regional Authority must conduct more inspection visits to fur farms than normally. Moreover, official veterinarian resources have been added to implement the round of inspections concerned.

Business sector research measures
Under the direction of ProFur’s research director, Jussi Peura, a new set of feeding norms will be created and weight indices will be updated. During the strategy period, processing will be put in focus and certification criteria will be updated.


More information:

Marja Tiura, Managing Director, ProFur, Finnish Fur Breeders' Association,, +358 50 511 3060