Olli-Pekka Nissinen appointed as ProFur's new Communications Director

Olli-Pekka Nissinen has started in his new position as ProFur's Communications Director. He is also part of ProFur's management team.
Nissinen is responsible for ProFur's internal and external communications and reports to Managing Director Marja Tiura.
Previously he has worked in mining industry as the Head of Communications for Ahtium Plc (Talvivaara Mining Company Plc). Nissinen has also worked as a news editor and staff reporter in the Finnish newspapers etc.
"Fur industry is part of the Finnish bioeconomy and circular economy. It brings 400 - 500 million euros annual export incomes especially to rural areas. It is traditional, responsible and constantly developing. I want to be part of making fur industry more transparent to the general public.", Nissinen says.
More information:
Marja Tiura, Managing Director, Finnish Fur Breeders' Association ProFur, marja.tiura@profur.fi, +358 50 511 3060
Olli-Pekka Nissinen, Communications Director, Finnish Fur Breeders' Association ProFur, olli-pekka.nissinen@profur.fi, +358 50 306 2374