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Investigators hired by the International Fur Federation (IFF) have unearthed evidence that a video from 2009 showing the torture of a fur animal was ordered and paid by animal rights activists.

IFF has released a documentary film on YouTube, exposing the culprits behind the major international conspiracy to destroy the reputation of the fur trade.

Untrue allegations have been spread about the fur industry for years, claims that animals are skinned alive for their pelts to supply the fashion industry. In 2009 a video was published, showing in excruciating detail a raccoon being skinned alive for its fur.

Among others, the international animal rights activist organization PETA, has used the skinning video in its attempts to smear the fur industry and get legislators to ban fur farming.

IFF sent a team of investigators to China to find out what really happened. The men who skinned the animal alive were found in the Shancun fur market. They told the investigators how a man and a woman, that later turned out to be animal rights activists, approached the men with an unusual request and a bribe.

The woman had said that her grandfather had never seen an animal skinned alive. She asked if the men could do this while she filmed.

The men were reluctant at first, but the woman offered them a good lunch or a couple of hundred of the local currency. Finally, the men agreed and the strangers filmed the whole gruesome act.

The men told IFF’s investigators that they felt bad after the skinning. “It was cruel for the animal.” They felt angry when they found out that the video was spreading on the internet. They still feel angry for being used. They think the animal rights activists are fake animal protectors.

IFF CEO Mark Oaten thinks it is important that the truth comes out 10 years later and that the identity of the animal rights movement behind the skinning is known. The matter will be moving forward.

“We do not skin animals alive and animal rights activists are aware of this. This is why they have had to stoop to bribery and to try to damage our industry”, says Oaten.

“We want to send a clear signal to anyone who seeks to deny consumers the freedom of choice by these quite wicked and frankly, twisted tactics - if we find you out, we are coming for you and we will expose you", Oaten continues.

”IFF’s investigation shows the unreliability of scandalized pictures and videos. This film in its cruelty is an example of untruthful influencing”, says Olli-Pekka Nissinen, Communications Director at Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association.

Something similar has never occurred in Finland, but there are intruding photographers on farms every year. “Secretly filmed videos are a combination of all kinds of things. New footage, old footage from another country. The end result does not reflect the true everyday life on our farms. For this reason, we want to offer people and responsible media a chance to visit a fur farm”, Nissinen continues.

For further information, please contact
Olli-Pekka Nissinen, Communications Director, Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association, +358 50 306 2374
Steven Frostdahl, Information Manager, Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association, +358 44 365 2925

Video published by IFF on  YouTube
March 2019 issue of Womens Wear Daily