ProFur makes a commitment to Baltic Sea Action Group to enhance recycling nutrients from fur farming

Finnish Fur Breeders Association ProFur has made a commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group. The aim is to develop new ways to recover phosphorus from fur animals' manure, and to supply it to industries where phosphorus is utilized. New methods will also be sought to recover nitrogen more efficiently to prevent it from leaking to the environment.

Fur animals' manure is rich in phosphorus. ProFur has already invested in treatment technologies for manure, as well as financed and launched research projects in collaboration with research facilities. "This commitment is a significant step for the entire fur industry. Our goal is to move towards practical operating models that are both financially profitable and have a positive effect on the Baltic Sea", says ProFur's Research Director Jussi Peura.


More information:

Jussi Peura, Research Director, ProFur, Finnish Fur Breeders Association,, 0400 637 255

Riku Venhola, Senior Advisor, Baltic Sea Action Group,, 044 340 3522