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Blue Fox

Blue Fox (Vulpes lagopus, before Alopex lagopus)

Blue fox breeding began in Finland in the 1920s. The bluish-grey variant of the arctic fox, blue fox is the most common fur animal farmed in Finland. Its coat has a very light tone in the winter, while it is rather dark grey in the summer.

Farmed blue foxes can also be partly or entirely white; depending on their genotype, these variants are called white or shadow foxes.

Farmed blue foxes descend from mated Alaska and Greenland blue foxes.


  • In the summer, a full-grown female weighs 7–8 kg and male 9–10 kg. In the autumn, blue foxes weigh more than 10 kg.
  • The length of the body from snout to the start of the tail is 65–72 cm 
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