Economic Responsibility
Fur production is economically significant for Finland. The industry sales revenue comes almost entirely from abroad. In 2020 the export value was 167 million euros. In the 2010s fur farming has contributed an average of 400-500 million euros per annum in export revenues to Finland.


Taxes and contributions from the fur industry to the state and municipalities amounted to 105M€ in 2020. Accumulated municipal taxes amounted to 27M€.

In 2019, the fur industry produced a minimum of EUR 116 per capita for the eight largest producer municipalities. The majority of the fur industry taxes originate from Uusikaarlepyy, which in 2019 received approximately EUR 364 per capita in tax revenues. In other major producer communities, taxes generated by the fur industry accounted for between 3.7% and 12.4% of all tax revenue in the municipality.

Thanks to tax revenue, many rural municipalities are thriving and capable of producing basic services for the local residents, such as childcare, care for the elderly and schools.

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