DNV - ISO 9001 Quality System Certification
Finnish Standards
Finnish Standards fur farm certification is a quality assurance and environmental system that emphasizes responsibility and transparency.


Certification criteria are based on current legislation and the industry’s self-determined criteria, which is updated on regular basis to meet the demands given by the international fashion industry and feedback received on work performed. 

The Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association FIFUR has been developing the certification system in co-operation with the key stakeholder groups since 2005.

The system covers all parts of the fur farming process:
- Animal Health and Welfare
- Conditions for Rearing Animals
- Farm Hygiene
- Breeding
- Environmental Management
- Feed Management
- Training and Preparing for Exceptional Situations

The verification of numerous criteria requires constant documentation from the producer. The criteria strengthens good practices. It also helps to recognize possible errors and gives guidelines to correct them.

In 2021, in the production of FIFUR's member farms, almost 100 % of the foxes, 100 % of the Finnraccoons, and 95 % of the minks were certified.

A certified farm is audited once a year. In consecutive years, the auditing is performed in different seasons. Each auditing includes checking the WelFur criteria and farm certification criteria for the production season in question. Audits are done by Kannus Research Farm Luova Ltd.


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