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Finnraccoon (Nyctereutes procyonoides)

The first experiments of Finnraccoon farming in Finland were conducted in the 1940s, but actual farming began in the 1970s. The colour of Finnraccoon fur varies from white and light brown to maroon and almost black. Today, Finland is the biggest producer of Finnraccoon pelts in the world.

Farmed Finnraccoons do not hibernate because nutrition is available for them all year round. Nevertheless, their activity level decreases by approximately 20% during the winter. In the wild, it is nearly impossible for these animals to find food during the coldest months and, therefore, raccoons usually hibernate.


  • The weight of a Finnraccoon varies from 6–8 kg in the summer to over 10 kg in the winter
  • The length of a full-grown Finnraccoon is 64–66 cm
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