DNV - ISO 9001 Quality System Certification
SAGA® – the most well-known fur brand in the world
Fox, mink and Finnraccoon pelts entitled to bear the Saga® trademark are only sold in Saga Furs Oyj’s auctions.


The Saga® label guarantees high technical quality, good production conditions and material traceability. Thanks to the responsibility and traceability associated with the brand, globally leading companies have chosen to partner with Saga Furs.

Traceability and transparency from farm to fashion house
Saga Furs has created a pelt traceability program that enables manufacturers to trace the origin of each pelt lot down to individual farms. Saga Traceability System (STS) is an automated process for cross checking the country of origin and valid certifications.
Saga Furs provides all the precise documentation to international fashion houses they need to inform customers on fur origins.
Over the past years, Saga Furs has been developing RFID tracing technology that would allow consumers at the point of purchase to scan and trace fur back through the entire supply chain.

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