DNV - ISO 9001 Quality System Certification
Social Responsibility
FIFUR offers its members training, events, support and services to help sustain the tradition of responsible fur farming in Finland.


Animal welfare starts from the well-being of fur breeders. If breeders are unable to take care of themselves because of an illness or financial problems, it also affects their ability to do their job well.
One important task of the association is to take care of its members while supporting their work. A free, confidential network of support personnel is a good example of this. Those who are in financial difficulties have a personal mentor to assist with for example bank negotiations.
FIFUR officials and veterinarians, as well as our entire field staff are often the trusted contacts, with whom the breeders can discuss their business comprehensively, not only when it comes to animal care. The association also assists with the various licensing matters. Thus, farmers can be confident that all necessary licenses and permits are in order. Regional fur counselors inform and guide the farmers about current issues in the industry and provide training.
There are several kinds of jobs in fur industry that do not require personnel to speak the local languages. Thus, fur branch can offer employment to immigrants, promoting social integration.
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